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The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic education program will prepare students to become competent, entry-level EMT Basics in order to serve in volunteer and/or professional career positions in the State of Illinois and area communities.

EMT Basic program fulfills the prescribed requirements by Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and prepares students to practice the art and science of pre-hospital medicine in conjunction with medical direction. The goal is to prevent and reduce mortality and morbidity due to illness and injury. An EMT Basic primarily provides care to emergency patients in a pre-hospital setting and serves as a vital member of the health care team.

This program is available to students who plan to go into the health care or fire science fields, or another area of emergency medical services.

Upon completion of EMT Basic, the student is prepared to take the EMT Basic Competency Exam which allows for certification from the IDPH.

Special Requirements: All students must purchase a FVCC uniform top, pants, ID badge, stethoscope, watch with second hand and textbook.

In addition, students must complete and pass an American Heart Association health care provider CPR class. As part of the EMT Basic class,

students will complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours of emergency room clinical in the prescribed time indicated by the instructor. The law

requires all persons involved in patient care at any health agency to have a 2-step tuberculin skin test, proof of vaccinations for MMR (mumps,

measles, rubella) and hepatitis B. The students must also pass a drug screen and criminal background check.

Fee: $30.00 plus costs for manual/workbook, drug screen, TB test and background check. Uniform and equipment costs

are approximately $100.00.

When students are taking part in the clinical hours at an area hospital, they will be required to provide their own transportation to the health

care facility.

2-1/2 Credits

VALEES #: 14055A001


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